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alongside brian burrell and myles carr He holds records for p48743 total yards, most wins as a starting quarterback, completions and attempts, completion percentage, efficiency ratings, state titles, discount nba jerseys China and national championships. He also received collegiate offers wholesale basketball jerseys free shipping from China the University of Colorado, the University of Illinois, and the University of Memphis.[3] He redshirted his freshman year at Iowa and did not play at all the following year.

(Image: http://media5.picsearch.com/is?nhRt7XLuyYlXbJePsUchh56eFxzbdpc872llS8d8_Bg&height=214)During his junior year, he started all 13 games while getting his first start against Northern Illinois University, he played every offensive down for the Hawkeyes but ended up losing to NIU 30 to 27.[4] His most prominent game during his junior year was his start against LSU in the Outback Bowl in which they lost 21 to 14, a game in which he completed 9 out of 22 pass attempts for 102 yards with one interception.[5] During the 2013 season he started all 13 games for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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