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 +Facing a legal challenge can be stressful and, in many situations, intimidating. We offer personalized service from knowledgeable and experienced lawyers. [[http://​www.becomegorgeous.com/​topics/​Stinson|Stinson]] Morrison Hecker attorneys work with some of the area's most successful businesses and individuals in all phases of the law, from routine to the most complex. At our firm, we genuinely care about our clients and aim to provide a level of [[http://​www.msnbc.com/​search/​comfort|comfort]] and peace of mind on all legal matters.
 +When you choose the Coppaken Law Firm, you can have peace of mind knowing that our lead attorney, Jeff Coppaken, will directly attend to your needs, whether you're searching for legal advice or business consulting. MannTuckerMuir is a family law firm in Overland Park that deals with matters of divorce, child custody and support, alimony, paternity, common-law marriage, annulments, adoptions, wills and trusts, and much more.
 +As the [[http://​www.answers.com/​topic/​company|company]] starts to gain traction, startups need to assistance with contracts, employment matters, funding, and more help with their IP. Generally, we can assist with all of those [[https://​goo.gl/​maps/​7vmUKdk2a5JBCVoc6|Small Business Law Firm In Leawood]] items, and should something be outside of our capabilities,​ We can usually provide our [[https://​www.handbook.fca.org.uk/​handbook/​glossary/​G156.html|clients]] with introductions to other professionals and businesses who may be able to assist them.
 +Lawyer for small business - a lawyer for small business is one that is able to focus on the important issues while keeping costs low. Three were recently recognized by Best Lawyers in America as Lawyer of the Year" in their field. We proudly offer clients talent from diverse backgrounds and countries, with deep experience in every legal tradition in the world.
 +Business contract - a good business contract will be one that is drawn up the your own company lawyer. Our passion for helping families includes using business principles to effectively protect family assets through such vehicles as family limited partnerships and limited liability companies to reduce exposure to estate taxes and probate expenses.
 +We are a business goals driven firm, which means that we focus on your end results and not legal minutiae. Licensed to practice in Kansas and Missouri. The decision to form a business is a significant personal, financial and legal undertaking. Only 5% of attorneys in Missouri and Kansas receive this distinction.
 +Small business attorney - many small businesses are not sure as to what legal services to get. The firm has experience in defending clients who face misdemeanor and felony charges, and more specifically,​ DUI charges. Susan was selected by the Kansas City Business Journal as a "2019 Best of the Bar" honoree.
 +Joseph, Hollander & Craft offers superior representation in criminal defense, DUI defense, civil litigation, divorce and family law, and professional licensing defense. Call our local Kansas City law firm today. The recent changes in the tax laws add some complexity to contractual situation and the next several years will be spent trying to work through all of the issues while building flexibility into our clients contracts and business plans.
 +Using experience gained while representing larger corporations,​ Don is able to stand up for the little guy — negotiating deals from the perspective of a small-business plaintiff who otherwise would lack leverage against large and well-established firms.
 +Our firm has handled numerous transactions involving the sale of businesses. The best small business attorney around is one that will help you get the right legal answer without overwhelming the business with unnecessary legal costs. Our goal is to provide our clients the best legal services at a reasonable price.
 +Corporate attorney - a corporate attorney is one that works for a company and focuses their legal skills on the needs of the business. Improve Your Legal ROI with Affordable Business Attorneys that service Overland Park, KS. At Stockton & Stern, our business law attorneys work one-on-one with small and midsize businesses in Gardner, Leawood and throughout Kansas and Missouri.
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