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 +Facing a legal challenge can be stressful and, in many situations, intimidating. Founding attorneys Rian F. Ankerholz and Daniel L. Smith each have more than 30 years of experience in the practice of law. Louis S. Wexler, P.A. in Leawood has experience in handling cases involving personal injury law, family law, criminal law, and civil rights law.
 +Dentons is a leader on the [[http://​edition.cnn.com/​search/?​text=Acritas%20Global|Acritas Global]] Elite Brand Index, a BTI Client Service 30 Award winner and recognized by prominent business and legal publications for its innovations in client service, including founding Nextlaw Labs and the Nextlaw Global Referral Network.
 +Business and Corporate Law: Jim is acutely aware of the important legal concerns facing small business owners. Our professional and [[https://​knoji.com/​search/?​query=experienced%20team|experienced team]] works hard to provide every client with the personal attention they deserve in order to reach the best possible outcome.
 +Max Gordon is a licensed and [[http://​blogs.realtown.com/​search/?​q=practicing%20attorney|practicing attorney]] in both Kansas and Missouri, and has practiced law for more than 40 years with an emphasis in real estate, estate planning, business law, and commercial law, with an office in Overland Park, KS. Each of our attorneys has spent time working in a prosecutor'​s office, either State or Federal, with years of criminal law experience.
 +Connect with a local Leawood, KS attorney with proven experience helping clients with Kansas business litigation issues. Our specialty is family law, and we pride ourselves in being knowledgeable legal professionals in this complex area of law. Find an attorney selected to Super Lawyers with the experience, reputation and record that matters.
 +By focusing my practice on specific areas of the law, I draw on specific experiences to develop individualized strategies. The Kansas City Metro area or Western Missouri, we can't wait to get to know you. From our office in Overland Park in the Kansas City metropolitan area, we represent clients in Kansas, Missouri and throughout the United States.
 +A business lawyer can help you address the myriad legal issues that arise when you are starting a new venture, operating an established company, or winding up or selling a business. Our [[https://​www.herfeed.com/?​s=firm%27s%20goal|firm'​s goal]] is to protect you, your family, your [[https://​www.wired.co.uk/​topic/​business|business]] and your rights.
 +The Kansas City area has always been home to us, from Olathe through downtown, all the way over to Independence,​ Missouri. Since 2001, Mandi [[https://​Goo.gl/​maps/​7vmUKdk2a5JBCVoc6|Small Business Law Firm In Leawood]] has served as a trusted advocate providing [[http://​bordersalertandready.com/?​s=sound%20legal&​search=Search|sound legal]] advice to the residents of Kansas City and the surrounding metropolitan area.
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